Teen Drivers: Just the Facts

Turning 16 is a special occasion in any teenager’s life. Not only can a teen get their first job, it’s also time to drive a car and nothing in this world is more exciting. Unfortunately for parents, insuring their teen’s vehicle so they’re capable of legally driving is not such a happy moment. Teen auto insurance rates are double or more than the average rates for auto insurance for drivers over the age of 26.

More than 9.5 million teen drivers are on the roadways these days. These drivers cause more auto accidents than drivers in other age brackets, causing this dramatic increase in the costs of auto insurance mount dora fl for teen drivers. Although driving education programs are available to teach new teen drivers how to safely drive, they are not required. Attending such a program may result in a nice chunk of change off of the costs of your teenager’s auto insurance rates.

A few more shocking facts about teen driving:

·    Auto accidents are the most common cause of death for kids 13- 19 years old.

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·    Car accidents kill more teens than suicide, cancer, and heart disease

·    Teen drivers cause more accidents than people in other age brackets

·    Teen drivers take more risks than drivers in other age brackets, hence their increased number of accidents.

Teens look forward to driving while it’s one of the scariest experiences in a parent’s life. The shocking statistics about make it easy to understand why there is so much worry when it’s time for a teen to drive. Make sure your teen has taken driving courses and is well-educated about driving before they earn their driver’s license and of course, always have an insurance policy in place to keep them financially protected.